Trucking Suppliers

International Fuel Services provides delivery by trucks to inland markets, such as fuel stations and other industries, including bunkering for both local and foreign yachts. For the inland market, IFS supplies either automotive diesel (ULSD) to fuel stations and pleasure yachts, as well as gasoil of 0.1% for fixed generators, boilers and boats. The present road tanker capacity is between 19,000 to 20,000 litres.

Among the various methods for in-port bunkering, road tanker-to-ship transfer is currently most frequently used. With this type of service, the road tanker is connected to the ship on the quayside, generally using a flexible hose. Today this is the most widely used bunkering method, because of the still limited demand in combination with the lack of infrastructure and the relatively low investment costs. For these reasons, road tanker-to-ship bunkering is a good provisional solution for product bunkering. 


IFS Trucking Suppliers